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Bioshock Cosplay (Also posted at our journal)

We had an amazing time at Ohayocon! When compared to our home con, it was really huge. We were sad that we couldn't buy Pocky or Ramune at the dealer's room, but we met some really awesome people. Anyway, here's one of the pictures I took. Sorry for the bad quality, it was taken on my ipod, haha...

That vampire was so good about Fae "harvesting" him xD He couldn't lie down, so he kneeled for us. When Fae asked if she could have his ADAM he said something like, "Sure, sure. Where do you harvest that from again? Here? *holds out wrists* It's been such a long time..." We absolutely loved his costume too!

More pictures

Fae is pretty much in love with Graverobber. I could tell she was geeking out inside when he asked for a picture with her. It was almost disturbing how much he looked like the character! Good job on such an awesome cosplay!

I am sad to admit that I didn't watch Doctor Horrible until it became really popular. It doesn't matter though, because now I recognize all the cosplayers! This one was very accomodating about lying on the floor. C: Kudos on the fantastic cosplay, you had us both geeking out~

This is the super awesome amazing "Pose Me" guy. Fae put him in a hug pose and hugged him :3 Enough said.

Apparently this is someone cosplaying Ezio. It was a great cosplay, but I've never played the game so I have no idea.

Just Fae ^ ^ I realized there are no pictures of me... Sigh. Anyway, that's the last of it! There was also a picture of an adorable Light Yagami, but I wanted to protect his photo innocence xD He seemed really worried that Fae was actually going to stab him with the needle! We had to explain the whole lying on the floor and playing dead process. He was very nice about it. Anyway, thanks to anyone who checked my pictures out! Please tell me if you see yourself so I can credit you, or remove the photo if you don't want to be internet famous.

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