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Howdy y'all

This is my first Bioshock fanmix and my first post here @ cityofrapture. I found this community thanks to the original Swingin' with Sinclair by wings_on_flames. I recently made a Bioshock related playlist on iTunes that consists of a mix of songs from the games and other songs (mostly jazz) from that era, and suddenly I figured I might as well compile a fanmix of my own. It all started with that first track. Despite the fact that it's got that quintessential jazzy swing about it, the song is pretty recent. And the lyrics are quite spot on, too. The rest sort of got fitted in after a bit of browsing through the aforementioned iTunes playlist. (ALTHOUGH THE THEMES ARE SIMILAR, I DO NOT CLAIM ANY RIGHTS TO THE PREVIOUS SINCLAIR-CENTRIC FANMIX IN THIS COMM. Just couldn't come up with a snazzier name, that's all!)

(wings_on_flames, I hope you don't mind I'm sort of picking up the thread you created, but a) already mentioned that I couldn't find a better name and b) there's so much awesome jazzy music out there that deserves to be linked to Bioshock and Sinclair - hence the "vol 2", it's a bit of a tribute and a sequel rolled into one.)

Bioshock 2 is one of the best games I've ever played. And Augustus Sinclair is my favourite game character ever. (also, he's my current fangirl crush - can you blame me? That smile and that accent, rawr!)


Enjoy! And if the download link is broken, let me know & I'll reupload.

*raises glass of Rapturian Merlot*
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